Who is behind all this question-behavior research?

19 May

In 1980 Steven Sherman demonstrated the potential of using questions to motivate behavior as a purposeful activity. Since then, two groups of researchers built the knowledge base. The self-prophecy effect group led by Sprott and Spangenberg concentrated on socially normative behaviors such as improving health. the mere-measurement effect group led by Fittzsimons, Williams, Block and Morwitz focused on how to affect the purchase of consumer products. A few years ago, both goups came together to share experience, and called this the question-behavior effect. This synthesis was described in this paper.

I am focused on how QBE can aid public health efforts. Many well-meaning interventions are based on sound theory, yet they fall short in marketing — getting the message across. QBE may be a way to marry public health to markting, or it may need other tools.


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